Who We Serve

Greasewood Flats Ranch can accommodate gatherings of any size.
Inside accomodations can hold 75-100 people.
Our outside accomodations are unlimited.


Weddings at Greasewood Flats Ranch will take on a new meaning and make a lasting memory. Large outdoor grounds, plush green grass, trees and fresh air all add to the perfect setting for your special day; just like in the movies! Our circular outdoor stage with the multi globe light post in the center is the perfect place to set up an arbor for your wedding ceremony. After your ceremony, you can choose to rent a tent and stay outdoors, or go inside and dance the night away on our beautiful hardwood floors. Rain or shine, you may decide to do BOTH, and for that reason alone, Greasewood Flats Ranch is the perfect wedding place for you.


No more boring showers! The surroundings at Greasewood Flats Ranch will put the excitement back in your baby/bridal showers. You will have a better turnout when your guests are invited to Greasewood Flats Ranch! Being able to have your event either indoors or outdoors is another reason you will love our versatile event center. No more unappealing event halls or worrying about who is going to clean their house to host your event. You can have an exciting time inside the ranch, with the rustic feel of being a guest, or stray away from the normal and have your shower outside on picnic tables while you enjoy the view.


Celebrate life with a flare and give your guests something to remember. You don’t have to put up with going to a public bar with limits and un-invited guests. You will have your own private bar and you can stock it with what you want to eat and drink. Greasewood Flats Ranch's spacious room allows for small and large groups of friends and family to feel warm and welcome. The classic bar, kitchen, coolers, and serving tables are all yours along with built in entertainment; including multiple televisions, a pool table, picture cutout photo-op, player piano, and outside grilling area. Make it a theme party and have your guest dress in western attire, then watch as they transform their characters back to the old west of carefree fun and comradery.


The perfect way to get your meeting off to a great start! Who would not want to attend a business gathering where you can feel welcome? Greasewood Flats Ranch offers abundant parking, a relaxed atmosphere, and a feeling of escape from corporate structure. Enhance the feeling of openness that will allow your guests to have an open mind, listen with more attentiveness, and help create new ideas. Show your creative side when you hold your next meeting where you can mix work with the comfort of home.


  • Rehearsal Dinners
  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversary Gatherings
  • Retirement Celebrations
  • Holiday Parties
  • Theme Parties